Kinetic K9

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About Renée Cawley, KineticK9 Owner & Operator

Renée Cawley has a diverse background in the equestrian, dog training, animal rescue, professional fitness and business fields.  (She likes to say she's lived many lives and many existences in just over 50 years.) She grew up on a ranch where her family bred Collies. She began her equestrian career at the age of 9, and became the youngest member of the Santa Fe Hunt Club in San Diego.  As a teenager, Renée trained for the 1984 Olympics in the 3-Day Equestrian Event.  Due to a personal family tragedy, Renée was unable to continue to devote the time needed to make the team. However, she feels her experience there contributes to her personal work ethic and love for  animals now.  Her business experience includes assisting CEO’s and Government officials in start-up ventures and public service terms.

From 1998 through 2004, Renée  also worked in the professional fitness industry as a personal trainer, and both a print and spokes-model, representing a variety of companies in the nutritional supplement and fitness clothing industries.  Throughout her life, she has kept her ties to animals by working with rescue agencies in several states, including California, Utah ,Colorado and Idaho, adopting, fostering, rehabilitating, training and placing dogs, cats and horses.  In 2007, Renée served on the Board of Directors for Northwest Animal Companions, a Boise, Idaho animal welfare organization.   Renée wrote a monthly column (Petty Issues) for Pet Friendly Magazine on animal behavior, training and socialization.  She also had a popular lecture series in Idaho, titled “How to Avoid Dog Bites”, in addition to owning and operating  Kinetic K9 (at that time known as Reigning Cats & Dogs).

In 2008, Renée brought a lifelong dream to fruition and began Move Mutt, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, Animal Welare Organization. Among the things Move Mutt was involved in were, rescue and rehabilitation, a Treadmill Education and Donation program, transportation of rescue animals for organizations across the Mountain West, emergency transportation during natural disasters,  and a Dog Wheelchair Donation Program, sending wheelchairs for disabled dogs as far as Turkey.

Renée's professional affiliations have included the International Association of Canine Professionals, the Pet Care Services Association, The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the American Kennel Club as both a registered owner/member and a certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator. In 2008, Renée was recognized for her efforts by the Humane Society of the United States, being personally invited to the Taking Action for Animals Conference in Washington, DC, attending a wide variety of seminars regarding animal welfare issues and to lobby on behalf of the State of Idaho on these  same topics. In 2009, she was honored to receive the "American Red Cross True Hero Award" for her efforts in Animal Rescue. 

On December 5th, 2008, Renée contracted a near-fatal blood infection (sepsis) from bacteria she was exposed to after a dog bite.  Given only a 10% chance of survival and being told she would lose both hands and feet, Renée remained hospitalized for weeks while she underwent  surgeries and intense rehabilitation.  Miraculously, she only lost 2 fingers on her right hand.

​​This major life changing event gave her the opportunity to re-define her goals and to focus her efforts on issues that are important in her life. Helping dogs through the Adopt Don't Shop movement, responsible spay and neuter practices, supporting the rights of the Disabled with Service Dogs, and Sepsis & Post Sepsis Syndrome education are just some of those goals.

​Unfortunately, due to continuing health issues from Post Sepsis Syndrome, Renée was forced to dissolve Move Mutt as a registered non-profit organization in January of 2016. She continues to struggle with the effects of PSS but has not allowed this to keep her from her passion, helping dogs everywhere.